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Executive orders (2022).

Office Order/Notification Number with Date Subject
17769/Pers-I, Dt. 09.05.2022 Clarification on Regularisation of Police Personnel appointed on Contractual basis (Initial Appointees) as per the Odisha Group-C & D posts (Contractual Appointment) Rules, 2013 and the Odisha Group-B posts (Contractual Appointment) Rules, 2013.
395/Min., Dt. 28.04.2022 Re-engagement & Posting of Retd. Ministerial Officers on Contractual basis as OSD.
364/Min., Dt. 21.04.2022 Re-engagement of Retd. Ministerial Officers for another period of one year (2nd spell) on contractual basis as OSD.
355/Policy, Dt. 19.04.2022 Abolition of Posts of Drill Inspector and creation of Posts of SI Armed in different Training Institute.
333/Pers-II, Dt. 02.04.2022 Resignation of Ex. Sub-Inspector of Police (Armed) Abhinna Kumar Jena of SOG.
249/Pers-I, Dt. 31.03.2022 Result of 4th Batch Departmental Cadet Sub-Inspectors of Police.
216/Pers-II, Dt. 29.03.2022 Repatriation of Sepoys/Constables of different Battalions/District attached to Public Safety Answer Point (PSAP) for implementation of Emergency Response Support System (ERSS).
148/Pers-II, Dt. 07.03.2022 Resignation of Ex-Sub-Inspector (Armed) Asutosh Mallick of 4th OSAP (SS) Bn., Malkangiri.
130/Pers-II, Dt. 25.02.2022 Resignation of Sri Pratik Kumar Panda, Assistant Scientific Officer, Physics Division, SFSL, BBSR.
74/OP, Dt.31.01.2022 Retirement of Shri Ra Kishore Dora, OPS (SAG) from Govt. Service.
65/Pers-II, Dt.28.01.2022 Result of Pre-Promotional Training of Sub-Inspectors of Police (Armed).
46/Pers-II, Dt.19.01.2022 Retirement of Sri Prahallad Behera, Fitter Inspector of PMT Estt., Cuttack from Government Service on Superannuation.
42/Pers-II, Dt.18.01.2022 Retirement of Shri Ramesh Chandra Sahoo, Inspector of Photographic Bureau, CID, CB, Odisha, Cuttack from Government Service on Superannuation.
41/Pers-II, Dt.18.01.2022 Retirement of Sub-Inspectors of Police (Armed) from Government Service on Superannuation.
36/Pers-II, Dt.15.01.2022 Retirement of Inspectors of Police (Armed) from Government Service on Superannuation.
31/Pers-I, Dt.13.01.2022 Retirement of Inspectors of Police from Government Service on Superannuation.
20/Pers-II, Dt.11.01.2022 Cancellation of O.O. No. 857/Pers-II, Dt. 30.07.2021 regarding Redeployment of Sepoys.