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Arms Licence.

  • No Person shall acquire, have in his possession, or carry any firearm or ammunition unless he holds in this behalf a licence issued in accordance with the provisions of the Arms Act, 1959 and the rules made thereunder.

  • Purposes of Lawful Firearms Ownership is for target-shooting, protection of person or property and Private Security.

The Arms Act, 1959

Form of Application for Arms Licence under Arms Act, 1959

Declaration for Renewal of Arms/ Ammunition Licence.

Safety Tips:-

  • Always point firearms in as safe direction loaded or unloaded, always point the muzzle in a safe direction.

  • Load a firearm only when ready to fire. Load the magazine only when your reach your shooting area. Load the chamber only when ready to shoot. Completely unload before leaving the shooting area.

  • Store firearms and ammunition safely. When not in use lock away the bolt, firearm and ammunition separately.

  • Avoid alcohol or drugs when handling firearms.

  • Renew arms licence time to time.

  • While carrying arms, keep valid licence with you and on demand of Police produce the same.

  • Deposit the arms to local Police Station as when ordered for.