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Executive Orders (2021).

Office Order/Notification Number with Date Subject
20955/Pers-I, Dt.07.06.2021 Sponsoring persons in the rank of Constable for deputation to CID, CB/HRPC/State Police Hdqrs., Cuttack and other Cuttack based Police Establishments.
468/Pers-II, Dt.07.06.2021 Retirement of Armourer Inspector Sri Babaji Charan Biswal from Govt. Service.
444/Pers-I, Dt.28.05.2021 Retirement of Inspectors of Police.
433/Min., Dt.20.05.2021 Joining of retired Ministerial Officers of DGPO Cadre as OSD.
418/Pers-I, Dt.18.05.2021 Result of departmental cadet Sub-Inspectors of Police of 3rd Batch of PTC, Angul.
377/Policy, Dt.06.05.2021 Upgradation / downgradation of the post of Lance Naik..
357/Pers-I, Dt.30.04.2021 Retirement of Inspectors of Police.
340/Min., Dt.29.04.2021 Partial modification of S.P. Hdqrs. Office Order No.322/Min, Dt.22.04.2021.
O.D No.1572/OP., Dt.26.04.2021 Partial modification of Home Department Notification No-5966/IPS, Dt. 12.02.2021 regarding voluntary Retirement of Dr. Satyajit Mohanty, IPS.
322/Min., Dt.22.04.2021 Re-engagement of Retd. Ministerial Officers on contractual basis as OSD.
O.D No. 1314/OP, Dt.16.04.2021 Nomination of Shri M. Akhaya, IPS, Director General of Fire Services, Commandant General, Home Guards & Dir. Civil Defence, Odisha as Director to the Board of Directors of Odisha State Police Housing and Welfare Corporation Ltd., Bhubaneswar.
162/Pers-II, Dt.22.02.2021 Creation of Committee to select suitable Havildar Majors/ Constables/ Sepoys to handle the work in EOW/ STF.
154/Policy, Dt.18.02.2021 Partial Modification of State Police Hdqrs. O.O. No.40/Policy, Dt.11.01.2021.
153/Pers-II, Dt.18.02.2021 Retirement of Shri K.V. Sibananda Rao of Photographic Bureau, CID, CB, Odisha, Cuttack from Govt. Service.
137/Pers-I, Dt.15.02.2021 Appointment of Direct Sub. Inspectors of Police, 2021.
116/Min., Dt.11.02.2021 Re-engagement of retired Ministerial Officers for further period of one year (2nd Spell) on contractual basis as OSD.
68/Min., Dt.28.01.2021 Retirement of Shri Iswar Chandra Mohapatra, ASO from Govt. Service.
61/Pers-II, Dt.20.01.2021 Result of Drivers of Districts/S.S. Battalions/ Establishments of 98th Batch of Driving & Maintenance Course of Training in PMT Training Centre, Tulasipur, Cuttack.
52/Pers-II, Dt.18.01.2021 Retirement of Sri Alok Ranjan Mohanty, Fitter Inspector of PMT Estt., Cuttack from Govt. Service.
45/Pers-II, Dt.12.01.2021 Retirement of Subedars from Govt. Service of different Battalions.
40/Policy, Dt.11.01.2021 Creation of 1098 posts in Phase-I for implementation of Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) in the State.
33/Pers-I, Dt.07.01.2021 Retirement of Inspectors of Police from Govt. Service.
32/Pers-I, Dt.07.01.2021 Retirement of In-charge DSP from Govt. Service.