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Promotion. (2024).

O.O. No. 386/Pers-II
Dt. 14.05.2024.
Promotion of Constables (Communication) to the rank of ASI (Communication) in Signals Establishment.
O.O. No. 372/Pers-I
Dt. 02.05.2024.
Retrospective promotion of ASI Dillip Kumar Dash to the rank of Sub-Inspector of Police.
Movement Order
Dt. 25.04.2024.
Promotion, Transfer & Posting of Addl. S.P. to the rank of Supdt. of Police (Super Time Scale).
O.D. No. 1121/OP.
Dt. 24.04.2024.
Promotion of Shri Bibhuti Bhusan Rout, OPS (S) to the grade of Superintendent of Police (SAG) and posting thereof.
O.O. No. 357/Min.
Dt. 24.04.2024.
Retrospective Promotion of Sri Jambeswar Pati,Senior Clerk to the rank of Head Clerk and Posting thereof.
Dt. 18.04.2024.
Promotion, Transfer & Posting of Sri Ramananda Satapathy Sr. Private Secretary in DGPO Cadre.
O.D. No. 989/OP
Dt. 09.04.2024.
Promotion, Transfer & Posting in the rank of Superintendent of Police (SAG).
OD No.271/Pers-II
Dt. 14.03.2024.
Promotion of ASI (Communication) to the rank of SI (Communication).
OD No.655/OP
Dt. 07.03.2024.
Promotion of IPS Officers to the Grade of DG of Police.
Dt. 06.03.2024.
Promotional Posting of Addl. S.P. Shri Manoranjan Parida, OPS.
O.O. No. 256/Pres-II
Dt. 04.03.2024.
Promotional of Asst. Armourer, Prakash Kumar Mohanty to the rank of Armourer Havildar.
O.O. No. 214/Pres-II
Dt. 26.02.2024.
Retrospective Promotion of S.I. of Police (Armed) Anil Kumar Mukhi to the rank of Inspector of Police (Armed).
OD No. 9366/Pres-I
Dt. 23.02.2024.
Addendum to O.O. No. 1556/Pers-I, Dt. 16.11.2023 regarding Promotion of Sub-Inspector of Police to the rank of Inspector of Police.
O.O. No. 205/Pers-I
Dt. 22.02.2024.
Promotion of Sub-Inspector of Police to the rank of Inspector of Police.
O.O. No. 188/Pers-II
Dt. 12.02.2024.
Promotion of Sri Manas Ranjan Prasad, Finger Print Sub-Inspector to the rank of Finger Print Inspector.
Dt. 06.02.2024.
Promotion, Transfer & Posting in the rank of Dy. Superintendent of Police.
O.O. No. 79/Pers-II
Dt. 25.01.2024.
Promotion of Driver Havildar Major to the rank of M.T. S.I in PMT Establishment.