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Law & Order


The overall Law and Order situation in the State remained peaceful during the year, 2015.


During the year 2015, all political parties remained busy in organizing workers’ conferences, public meetings, mass contact and awareness programmes to garner public support in their favour for election to Urban Local Bodies. Besides, the opposition political parties and their frontal organizations agitated on various local issues. Due to pro-active role of police and administration, election to the 9 Urban Local Bodiesin the State passed off peacefully.


The State was relatively free from any form of communal discord as the highest priority was accorded to maintenance of communal peace and amity. Major fairs and festivals of different communities were observed peacefully with religious fervor and gaiety. Only 20 Hindu-Muslim and 4 Hindu-Christian discords were noticed in the State during the year. Instances of communal tension did not escalate into major law and order situation due to pro-active role, constant vigil and timely intervention by the local administration and police. Besides, the first Nabakalebar Festival of the century and Car Festival at Puri passed off peacefully .


During 2015, there were various agitationalprogrammes against industrialization on issues such as protection of tribal rights, land acquisition, rehabilitation, payment of compensation, employment facility, peripheral development, agriculture, environmental pollution, etc. These agitational activities were handled with patience and forbearance as well as caution and restraint.


The agitations by Labour and Service organizations did not escalate into any major law and order situation. However, employees/workers of some industrial units exhibited their protest demanding enhancement of wages, re-opening of factory, regularization of contractual labourers, payment of arrear dues, etc which were addressed through due process of dialogue and reconciliation. Service related demands, particularly by different Teachers Associations, State Govt. Employees Associations, etc., were addressed sympathetically by the State Government.


There was no State-wide student unrest during the year. The election of Students’ Unions held on Oct. 14, 2015 throughout the State ended on a peaceful note, barring a few incidents of pre/post poll violence noticed in some colleges in the State. The few incidents of students’ agitations in the State were handled by the local administration and police tactfully.


Agitations by different tribal organizations demanding rights of tribals on ‘Jal, Jungle and Jamin’, distribution of pattas to landless tribals, etc., agitations by different Dalits/ women organizations protesting against alleged increase in crime against dalits and women, agitations by different voluntary/ women organizations on alleged illicit liquor trade, opening of liquor shops, etc., agitations by different Green Card Holders Organizations on the issue of implementation of State Govt.’s policies on Green Card Holders, agitations by different farmers’ organizations, particularly in Western Odisha Districts, over exemption of agriculture loan, purchase of paddy from farmers, etc., agitations by different Bar Associations for setting up Permanent High Court Bench in their respective areas surfaced on different occasions. There were also agitations by different peoples’ fora for setting up IIM in their respective areas and agitation against the Pollavaram Project undertaken by Andhra Pradesh and Lower Suktel Dam Project of Bolangir District, violent agitation all over the State in connection with clandestine activities of Sarathi Baba @ Santosh Roul of Kendrapara and also Sura Baba of Achyut Ashram, Jhintsasan, Khurda and others.All these agitations were controlled tactfully with timely intervention of local administration and police.


During the year 2015, members of different political parties as well as their frontal organizations and some specific interest groups organized 64 Bundhs, 337 Rasta Rokos and 29 Rail Rokos in the State on various grounds. During all these agitations due to timely intervention of police no major ontoward incident took place.