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Police Order

Order No. Subject
301 Setup of Mahila & Sishu Desk
with amendment
Recording & Maintenance of CC Rolls of Group-”C” Non-Gazetted & Specially Declared Gazetted Police Officers & Ministerial Officers of Police Department.
with amendment
Recruitment of Gurkha Sepoys in OSAP Battalions.
298 Promotion of Band Constables to the rank of Band Naik in the District Police.
with amendment
Recruitment of Sepoys in O.S.A.P. Bns.
296 Recruitment of Constables in Orissa Police.
295 Recruitment of Constables in Orissa Police.
294 Recruitment of Sepoys in O.S.A.P. Bns.
293 Creation of Toxicology Division for viscera examination at Regional Forensic Science Laboratory at Sambalpur.
292 Holding of R.S.B. for promotion to various ranks in Orissa Police.
291 Reversion of O.S.A.P. Sepoy to General Police.
290 Extension of facilities of Regional F.S.L. to District/ Estts.
289 In modification of P.O. 269 the following is published for guidance. Principle for fixation of seniority of S.Is. and A.S.Is. in the Police Wireless Grid.
288 Procedure to be adopted for promotion of Sepoys to the rank of Lance Naik to Naik, Naik to Havildar, Havildar to Havildar Major, Havildar Major to Jemadar in OSAP Bns.
287 Procedure to be adopted for reversion of OSAP personnel to the General Police.
286 Instruction regarding recruitment of Constables.
285 Allegation against Police of Rape, Molestation misconduct towards women.
284 Functioning of Regional F.S.L. at Kamapali, Berhampur of Ganjam.
283 Functioning of Regional FSL Section.
282 Formal for FIR of Crimes in running trains by passengers unable to leave the train to lodge report.
281 Instruction relating to registration and investigation of cases of GRPs of other States reported in our GRPs.
280 Guidelines for inspection of Police stations.
279 Embezzlement of Public funds-investigation of cases.
278 Instructions relating to registration and investigation of cases of GRPs of other States reported in our GRPs.
277 Procedure for purchase of spare parts for repair of motor vehicles.
276 Submission of C.S. within 60 days/90 days as the case may be by the I.O.
275 Practical training of Probationary S.Is. of Police and Steno S.Is. of Police who are reverted to General line.
274 Recording and maintenance of C.C. Rolls of Non-Gazetted Officers and Inspectors rank, who are specially Gazetted Officers with reference to Book Circular No.46.
273 Basic Course of Training of Asst. Drivers & Constables at P.T.C/ P.T.S.
272 Updating of crime records.
271 Heinous and important crime.
270 Non-vacation of Government Qrs. by the Police Officers/men while proceeding on transfer/retirement etc.
269 Principles for fixation of seniority of S.Is. and A.S.Is. in the Police Wireless Grid (modification of P.O. 132).
268 Practical training of Probationary S.Is. of Police and Steno S.Is. of Police who reverted to the General line.
267 Posting of officers to the D.C.I.B.
266 Procedure for promotion of (a) Constables to the rank of Lance Naik (b) Lance Naik to the rank of Naik, (c) Naik to the rank of Havildar and (d) Constables and Lance Naik to the rank of Crime Intelligence Havildar.
265 Deputation of O.M.P. Bns.
264 Maintenance of C.C.Rolls.
263 Practical training of PSIs of Police and Steno SI of Police who reverted to general line(Deleted)
262 Use of light Police transport placed at the disposal of C.Is.(Deleted)
261 Seizure of the postal documents by the Police during investigation.
260 Amendments to P.O. Nos. 249 and 182 in respect of driving staff (Deleted).
259 Protection of Harizan and weaker sections of the community – Duties of Police thereof.
258 Posting of P.S.Is. to different Police posts for practical training (Deleted).
257 Aid of science in Crime detection.
256 Consignment of Finger Print Slips – necessity of
255 Cryptographic documents – custodian of
254 Procedure to be adopted for despatch of Viscera for chemical examination.
253 Submission of carbon copies of charge sheets to C.Is.
252 Submission of advance copy of petitions, representations, appeals and memorial to the I.G. and Government.
251 Instructions regarding receiving, holding and distributing Cryptographic documents and devices within the State (Cipher Cells).
250 Clarification on the powers of the appellate and revisionary authorities under P.M.R. 851 (b) and 853.
249 Transfer of Driving Staff from one District/Estts. to another District/Estts.
248 Procedure to be adopted for proper collection, packing and transport of exhibits for examination in F.S.L.
247 Use of Tear Smoke.
246 Village visiting by Thana staff.
245 Introduction of Radio patrol cars in various districts of the State.
244 Preparation of Sketch maps showing places of occurrence.
243 Detailed instructions for collecting, packing and transporting different types of exhibits to F.S.L.
242 Preparation and submission of statistics relating to juvenile offenders.
241 Police Commemoration Day to be observed on 21st October every year.
240 Sanction of prosecution against public servants in non-cognizable cases.
239 Police Order No. 220 regarding principles for fixation of seniority of trainees passing to the final examination compartmentally.
238 Cancellation of P.O. No.178 regarding fixation of seniority of W.Cs/ Non-Matric Contables who fail to pass the A.S.Is. course of training (Deleted).
237 Taking finger prints of persons arrested in connection with Political Agitations.
236 Introduction of Rifle, 303 inch with Special Police Ammunition for Mob control (Deleted).
235 Memorial and petitions, appeals and representations, etc. to the I.G.P. by Police officers.
234 Introduction of rifle, 303 Inch with Special Police Ammunition for Mob Control (Deleted).
233 Procedure for filling up vacancies in the subordinate ranks of the Orissa Police after exhaustion of the C.S.B. approved list.
232 Saluting to the Director/Deputy/Assistant Director of Treasuries and Inspections.
231 The Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act, 1966.
230 Duty of O.I.C. in case of Excise cases detected by Police (Deleted).
229 Seniority Promotion of Police personnel of higher ranks.
228 Relationship between members of Parliament and Legislature and Government servants.
227 Investigation of cases and supervisions of U.D. cases by C.I. of Police.
226 Observance of quarterly traffic week.
225 Posting of Police Officers in Specialised Branches for not exceeding five year.
224 Refresher and In-service courses in different ranks, Armed and Unarmed (Revised).
223 Family members and proper facilities for education of their children (Deleted).
222 Drill test for Sergeants for confirmation.
221 Drill test for Havildars for promotion to higher ranks.
220 Principles for fixation of seniority of directly recruited and departmentally promoted S.Is. who pass the S.Is. course of training compartmentally (Deleted).
219 Seniority, Promotion and transfer of Orissa Military Police personnel.
218 Stepping up efficiency in the Orissa Military Police Battalions.
217 Maintenance of records for deputation of Orissa Military Police. Contingent and District Armed Police Reserve on law and order duties
216 Construction and repair of Police building through Departmental Agency. Submission of monthly progress reports.
215 Exemption of Assistant Inspector from training (Deleted).
214 Police order to be followed in Institution, Investigation, Supervision and prosecution of Embezzlement cases.
213 Duties of Pigeon Staff.
212 Uniform of Traffic Havildars and Constables.
211 Type of fire-arms to be used by different Police contingents employed for law and order and mob dispersal duty.
210 Duties of Commandant, Deputy Commandant, Asst. Commandant of O.M.P.
209 Proper care and maintenance of Police Arms.
208 Introduction of use of drivers badge cloth by the officers of and below the rank of Inspector of P.M.T.
207 Care and maintenance of Government property.
206 Inspection of Motor Vehicles Police Lines and Police Hospital at Police Training College and OMP Bns.
205 Utilisation of Crime Branch Gazetted Officers for undertaking special studies of crime fluctuations and pendency in the districts.
204 Care and maintenance of tentage.
203 Police Motor Transport – use and maintenance.
202 Ceremonial Parade – Inspections of Motor vehicles- Inspection of Police Line and Hospital.
201 Investigation of cases by Crime Branch Officers.
200 Police aid to the public.
199 Separation of law and order and investigation of staff duty.
198 Duties of an Inspector of Police posted to a Police Station as officer-in-charge.
197 Register of rewards.
196 Acquittal of cases.
195 Transfer of files.
194 Revised Head gear for the O.M.P. Battalions and Armed Police Reserves.
193 Delay in Disposal of proceedings under sections of the Cr.P.C.
192 Expeditious disposal of pension cases.
191 Road Safety.
190 Orissa Police Sports funds.
189 Under influences by Police Officers.
188 Use of Police vehicles by Gezetted Police Officers.
187 Working of Village Boats (Deleted).
186 Inspection by Gezetted Police Officers.
185 Corruption on Police.
184 Inspection of off-road vehicles in place of garages (Deleted).
183 Instruction to be followed including documents, for examination in the Handwriting Bureau of C.I.D., Crime Branch.
182 Duties of D.I.G. Tech. in respect of driving staff.
181 Improvement in the standard of investigation.
180 Fixation of seniority of Writer-Constables appointed direct and departmentally observed and their training in the A.S.Is course (Deleted).
179 Allocation of duties between Pigeon Inspector and Pigeon S.Is. (Deleted).
178 Principle for fixation of seniority of Writer Constables/ Non-Matric Constables who pass the A.S.Is. course of training compartmentally (Deleted).
177 Firing to maintain public order.
176 Principle to be observed in connection with promotion to higher tanks (Deleted).
175 Proper registration of crime.
174 Detailed instructions for collecting, packing and transporting different type of exhibits to the forensic science laboratories.
173 Reduction to lower stage in time scale of pay issue of second show cause notice.
172 Staging of drama by Police personnel to raise funds to finance Welfare Scheme (Deleted).
171 Use of weapons by O.M.P. contingent on deputation to district to supplements the A.P.R. (Deleted).
170 Distribution of powers between the Superintendent of Police and the Fire Officer in respect of Orissa Fire Service (Deleted).
169 Abolition of post with permission of Government.
168 Jurisdiction of Fire Stations in Orissa (Deleted).
167 Physical standard of candidates for recruitment as Constables.
166 Acceptance of resignation of Police Officers and men.
165 Embezzlement of Government and public money (Deleted).
164 Filling up vacancies in the rank of Constables.
163 Drill test for Sergeants, Havildars for confirmation and promotion (Deleted).
162 Anti-smuggling cases- submission of statement.
161 Custody of Prisoner’s.
160 Investigation of kidnapping cases.
159 Embezzlement of Government money- Investigation of (Referred to P.O. 214)(Deleted).
158 Modification of Police Order No.5 of 1958 relating to transfers of Fire Service personnel (Deleted).
157 Investigation by officers of Delhi Special Police Estt.
156 Creation of the post of Additional Inspector-General of Police.
155 Formation of Police Welfare Advisory Board and its functions (Deleted).
154 Supply of copies of F.I.Rs. and Courts F.Ms. to the Railway Protection Force Authorities.
153 Action to be taken to deal with obscene publication.
152 Surveillance Register.
151 Revised Distribution of duties.
150 Expert examination of exhibits relating to crime.
149 Changes in the designation of officers in the Orissa Police.
148 Security of Court Malkhana.
147 Inspection of Fire Stations (Deleted).
146 Distribution of powers between Superintendent of Police and Fire Officer, Cuttack in respect of Orissa Fire Service (Deleted).
145 Submission of duplicate copy of case Diaries to Superintendents of Police by the Inspector in cases investigated by them.
144 Inspections of wireless establishment.
143 Village visiting by Thana Officers and men (Deleted).
142 Prosecution of cases under Motor Vehicle Act.
141 Infliction of censures.
140 Procedure for filing and appeal against acquittal.
139 Appointment of Public Prosecutor to conduct appeals.
138 Furnishing copies of Police final reports to the Electricity Department in cases of electrical fatal accidents.
137 Submission of supervision notes by Circle Inspectors.
136 Procedure to be observed for the training of probationary S.Is. (Deleted).
135 Prompt supply of copies of documents to the accused persons (Deleted).
134 Pendency of large no. of non-F.I.R. cases in courts.
133 Instructions regarding the training and function of A.P.R. Bands.
132 Principles for fixation of seniority of S.Is. and A.S.Is. in the Police Wireless Grid (Deleted).
131 Conduct of departmental proceedings against Sub-Inspector of Police.
130 Instruction in respect of conviction under the Untouchability Act.
129 Fraudulent use of Rly. warrants.
128 Nominations for D.C.R.G. and family pension of non-Gazetted Government Servants and their safe custody.
127 Police assistance to the Anchal Officials.
126 Issue of kits to the Writer Constables (Deleted).
125 Supply of copy of C.S. etc. the accused free of cost by the Police before commencement of trial (Deleted).
124 Communication of remarks of C.D. to I.Os instead of returning the remarked diary .
123 Annual examination of Steno S.Is. in shorthand and typewriting.
122 Duties and functions of A.P.P. (Deleted)
121 Promotion of Havildar Major to the rank of D.S.I./ Jemadar.
120 Maintenance of Character rolls.
119 Alteration of date of birth of ex-State of ex-Service personnel.
118 Maintenance of Arms at Police stations.
117 Adoption of principle in the matter of departmental enquiry against Police Officer against whom a complaint lodged in Court.
116 Discrepancy in the date of birth recorded in the service book of Police officers and men.
115 Re-Classification of Police posts in districts as major and important charges for posting of S.Is. before promotion to the rank of Inspectors.
114 Prohibition of the stay of outsiders in Police Barracks.
113 Prohibition of technical personnel in general line.
112 Grant of increment to departmental trainees at P.T.C. (Deleted).
111 Investigation of certain percentage of heinous cases and supervision of U.D. cases by C.I. of Police.
110 Principles for fixation of seniority of ex-State Inspectors and S.Is.
109 Principle to be observed in posting and transfer of officers and men.
108 Introduction of Oriya in official correspondence.
107 Surveillance Register.
106 Prompt writing and despatch of case diaries.
105 Exemption of L.Cs. from A.S.Is. training (Deleted).
104 Fixation of scales for the supply of tentage to district/establishments.
103 Interview of subordinate officers with the I.G.
102 Reviewing the position of securities at the time of taking over charge and inspections.
101 Final Memorandum.
100 Imposition of black marks and effects of nine black marks.
99 Reversion of Steno S.Is. to general line after 5 years service (Deleted).
98 Fire in Police building.
97 Rules for the display of National Flag of India.
96 Issue of kits to Havildars Major (Deleted).
95 Performance of day patrol/rounds by superior Police Officers.
94 Certificate to prevent ommission of names of senior A.S.Is. from nomination roll.
93 Submission of proposal regarding renewal of temporary sanction.
92 Instruction to I.O. while taking over charge of an investigation.
91 Delay in compliance over D.I.G’s/D.Ms office correspondence.
90 Prompt preparation and transmission of L.P.Cs. and Service Books.
89 Provisional recruitment of Constables (Deleted).
88 Conditions for the grant of increment of D.S.P. in the revised scale of pay (Deleted).
87 Temporary changes in the disposition of force.
86 Inspection of arms and explosive by Circle Inspectors of Police.
85 Issue, maintenance and safe custody of Government revolvers.
84 Forwarding of applications of ministerial or other officers for appointment in other departments and offices.
83 Prompt disposal of pension cases, questionnaire and P.M.
82 Terms of posting officers and men to the P.T.C.
81 Arrest, detention etc. of members of Parliament and State Legislature (Deleted).
80 Instructions regarding use and inspection of Police vehicles (Deleted).
79 Instructions in giving effect to transfer orders.
78 Instructions regarding submission of petitions, memorials etc., addressed to Government.
77 Transfer of Officers and men from and to G.R.P. and R.P.P. in accordance with P.M. Rule, 515 (b) (Deleted).
76 Orissa Police Sports Fund.
75 Introduction of bush shirts for Police Officers of and above the rank of S.I. (Deleted).
74 Expenditure on items of special contingencies etc., requiring the prior sanction of the competent authority.
73 Mode of address in Demi Official correspondence.
72 Introduction of accounts rules in connection with building works.
71 Principles to be observed in connection with promotion to higher ranks.
70 Drill test for Sergeants and Havildars for confirmation and promotion (Deleted).
69 Classification of major and important charges for posting of S.Is. of Police (also referred to Police order 115).
68 Principle for promotion and transfer in the Orissa Military Police Bns.
67 Duties of Building Sub-Inspectors.
66 Correspondence with foreign Mission or Embassies.
65 Publication of the details of persons dismissed or expelled from Government service in the Orissa Gazette.
64 Speedy disposal of disciplinary cases (Deleted).
63 Posting of officers and men in unhealthy or agency areas after agency service in Koraput and Ganjam.
62 Entries in confidential character.
61 Prohibition of free admittance of Police Officers to places of entertainments
60 Enquiry into anonymous petitions.
59 Inspection of motor vehicles involved in accidents.
58 Post-mortem in deaths due to electrical accident.
57 Instructions regarding duties of the place guards (Deleted).
56 Principle for fixation of seniority in corresponding ranks of O.M.P.vis-a-vis District Police.
55 Distribution of powers between Ss.P., heads of establishment and S.P., T.S.
54 Safe custody of revolvers issued to S.M. Inspectors, Subedars, Sergeants, Sub-Inspectors and Jemadars (Deleted).
53 Training of probationary S.Is. (Deleted).
52 Principles to be observed in connection with promotion to higher ranks and selection boards.
51 Use of anti-malarial drugs at Police posts (Deleted).
50 Training of probationary S.Is.
49 Canvassing for insurance companies.
48 Use of Anti-malarial drugs at Police posts etc. (Paludrine) (Deleted).
47 Use of Anti-malarial drugs at Police posts etc. (Mapacrine) (Deleted).
46 Enquiries into Misc. petitions and complaints sent by Magistrates to Police Officers.
45 Record of deputation on account of escorts.
44 Issue of revolvers to S.Ms. Inspectors, Subedars, Sergeants, Sub-Inspector and Jemadars at Government cost (Deleted).
43 Misjoinder of charges in departmental proceedings.
42 Police Officers to contact public to secure good will and to attend public meeting.
41 Crime Map.
40 Court attendance by Police Officers.
39 Speedy disposal of official business.
38 Standard design for defensible P.S. and T.O.P. building (Deleted)
37 Time-scale of pay for A.S.Is. and Havildars.
36 Escape of Prisoners from Police Custody.
35 Assistance by Police to Fire Service in controlling fires.
34 Warning to subordinate Police Officers against the use of offensive or impertinent language in defences, appeals and memorials.
33 Escort of arms and ammunition from and to arsenals.
32 Payment of fees to M.V.Is. for inspection of vehicles involved in Police cases (Deleted).
31 Introduction of bush shirts for Police Officers of and above the rank of S.I. (Deleted).
30 Duties and powers of the D.I.G. of Police, Orissa.
29 Submission of applications for reimbursement of the cost incurred by Police Officers and men in defending themselves in false cases.
28 Equipment of recruit Constables.
27 Dispersal of mob by Armed Force.
26 Instructions regarding dispersal of mob.
25 Duties and responsibility of Police in Air raids.
24 Economy in use of uniform.
23 Introduction of Orissa Police Manual.
22 Iranianis Nomads.
21 Pay of ex-Bihar & Orissa and Madras Sub-Inspectors of Police on promotion to the post of Inspectors in Orissa (Deleted).
20 Revised scale of pay for Inspectors (Deleted).
19 Instructions regarding use of cardigan jackets and shirts (Deleted).
18 Revised scales of pay of officers on promotion to the ranks of D.S.Ps., Inspectors, R.S.Ms. and pay of Sergeants in Orissa Police (Deleted).
17 Inclusion names of O.I.C. & S.Is in Duty Roster.
16 Regulation of pay of ex-Bihar and Orissa Officers in the Police force in Orissa on promotion to the ranks of Inspector and D.S.P.
15 Intermediate custody of persons arrested under Section – 55 Cr. P.C. forwarding reports to Magistrates.
14 Challenges by sentries or guards.
13 Submission of Finger Print slips and other information to the Director, I.B. of non-Asiatics and non-resident Asiatics in certain cases.
12 Precaution against loss or deterioration of building materials purchased for work in progress or collected beforehand.
11 Delay in the submission of Pension applications.
10 Standardization of the conditions of service of the six Armed Reserves in Orissa.
9 Introduction of North Orissa Pugree as head dress of Constables and Havildars of the ordinary reserves throughout the province and the substitution of red pugrees for the ‘Pill Box’ hats and provision of fatigue cap for the A.S.Is. (Deleted).
8 Publication in Orissa Gazette of particulars of dismissed Government Servants.
7 Availing of joining time by trainees reporting at the Police Training Centers.
6 Checking of Motor Vehicles (Deleted)
5 Orissa Police Relief Fund (Deleted)
4 Pay of Police Officers and men transferred to Orissa from Bihar and Orissa and Madras.
3 Orissa New Scales of pay.
2 Instructions to officers in connection with separation of Orissa.
1 Renumbering of Police Orders.