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Executive Orders

Office Order/Notification Number with Date Subject
1200/OP Dtd.22.11.2013 Regarding Addl. charge of Commandant 8th Bn. Kandhamal by Shree Kanwar Vishal Singh,IPS, SP Kandhamal
42462/SPS Dtd.18.11.2013 Retirement of Shri Prafula Kumar Baliarsingh, OPS-I & Shri Goutam Kumar Das, OPS from Government Service wef 30.11.2013
1011/ACR Cell Dt.07.10.2013 Award of Governor’s Medal For the Year-2013 on the Occasion of Republic Day-2014
1006/Executive, Dt.23.09.2013 Retirement of Inspectors.
914/Technical, Dt.23.08.2013 Discharge from Force of Cadet Deputy Subedar Snehasish Sahoo
895/Ministerial, Dt.19.08.2013 Discharge from Force of Cadet Deputy Subedars.
891/Technical, Dt.16.08.2013 Discontinuation Training of Cadet Dy. Subedar by Sri Chitaranjan Mallick, Junior Asst. of SPHdqrs, Odisha, Cuttack
763/Ministerial, Dt.24.07.2013 Sri Akshya Kumar Das, Sr. Asst., will remain in charge of Supply Section.
727/Technical, Dt.12.07.2013 Assumption of higher charge of Band Hav Maj K. Padmabhusan Rao of OSAP 6th Bn
726/Technical, Dt.12.07.2013 Deputation of S-191 B.K. Behera of OSAP 6th Bn to SPHdqrs. and Cancellation of deputation of S-307 K.C. Dalai of OSAP 6th Bn. to SPHdqrs
701/Technical, Dt.28.06.2013 CSB held on 28.6.2013 for Havildars of Odia Coy’s of Bn for promotion to Hav Major
700/Technical, Dt.28.06.2013 Re-deployment of Const 390 Biren Kumar Padhi of 1st IRB
699/Technical, Dt.28.06.2013 Repatriation of S.Is. of Police (Armed) (Dy. Subedars) from SOG
697/Technical, Dt.28.06.2013 Repatriation of Const-615 Basudev Sethy from SOG to OSAP 4th SS Bn.
696/Technical, Dt.28.06.2013 Absorption of S-1117 Tularam Nayak of OSAP 3rd Bn in the rank of Band Sepoy in Pipe Band Cadre
665/Technical, Dt.20.06.2013 Redeployment of 11 Sepoy of OSAP 7th Bn., BBSR.
664/Extablishment, Dt.19.06.2013 Joining report of Inspector S.Mishra.
652/Establishment, Dt.17.06.2013 Pay fixation of S Mishra Inspr of Police
649/Executive, Dt.13.06.2013 Repatriation of Sub-Insprs. of Police from SOG
648/Execitove, Dt.13.06.2013 Extension of deputation of SI Laxmidhar Sahoo of Directorate of Mines
636/IGP(P) Dt.12.06.2013 Officiating of LNK Gadadhar Bhoi to the rank of ASI
603/Technical, Dt.03.06.2013 Regarding Cancellation order of Subedar TK Mallick deputation to PTS Nayagarh
584/O.P.,Dt.30.05.2013 Deputation of Shri Gyanendra Kumar Das, Asst. Commdt., PTS, Nayagarh
580/O.P., Dt.30.05.2013 Superannuation of Sri Radhanath Panda DCP Armed OSAP 7th Bn etc
575/Ministerial, Dt.28.05.2013 Relieve order from services of Senior Stenographers
558/Technical, Dt.23.05.2013 Joining report of Niranjan Samal, Subedar at SP Hdqrs., Cuttack
557/Technical, Dt.23.05.2013 Relive order of Deepak Ku. Garanaik, Subedar
532/Technical, Dt.15.05.2013 Extension of deputation period of Sepoys-Constables. of different Bn.
529/Technical, Dt.14.05.2013 Repatriation from SOG
528/Technical, Dt.14.05.2013 Deputation of Sepoys to SP Hdqrs.
525/Executive, Dt.13.05.2013 Allowed to retire from Govt. service to Sri Ispal Budek, Drill Inspr. of Police, PTC, Angul
520/Technical, Dt.09.05.2013 Revised gradation list of Lab. Asst.
507/Technical, Dt.06.05.2013 Deputation of F.O. Pravash Ch. Pati of Commissionerate
502/Force, Dt.06.05.2013 Distribution of Addl. Traffic Post created for 32 Police Dists and Commissionerate, BBSR-CTC
498/Technical, Dt.06.05.2013 Retirement of Sri S.N. Mohanty, Inspr. of Police, Handwriting Bureau
497/Technical, Dt.06.05.2013 Retirement of Inspector (Operator) S.K. Barik
495/Executive, Dt.03.05.2013 Joining report of FO Prafulla Ku. Dehury of OSAP 6th Bn. Cuttack
494/Ministerial, Dt.03.05.2013 Retirement of Ministerial staff of DGPO cadre.
490/Board, Dt.03.05.2013 TTB Result of Armourer Hav. Major for promotion to Armourer SI,Dy.Subedar
486/Executive, Dt.02.05.2013 Extension of deputation period of Constables – LNK to other districts
472/Executive, Dt.27.04.2013 Appointment (temporary) of Cadet Sub-Inspectors
471/Executive, Dt.27.04.2013 Appointment (temporary) of Cadet Sergeants
467/Technical, Dt.27.04.2013 Appointment of cadet Dy. Subedars
466/Ministerial, Dt.27.04.2013 Selection and Appointment of Auditor (CCA)
460/Ministerial, Dt.24.04.2013 Joining report of Sri Jitendra Ku. Senapati, Sr. Asst.
455/Technical, Dt.23.04.2013 Repartition of Hav. (Armed) from SOG.
454/Executive, Dt.23.04.2013 Allowed to retire from Govt. service to Sri Udhab Kuanr, Drill Inspr. of Police, BPSPA
453/Executive, Dt.23.04.2013 Reversion to S.I. from the rank of Inspector of Sri N.Ch. Nayak
440/Executive, Dt.18.04.2013 Declaration of withheld result of OASIs 2002 batch and posting
439/Executive, Dt.18.04.2013 Release order from suspension, transfer and posting of Inspr. Satis Chandra Ray of Jagatsinghpur Dist
438/Executive, Dt.18.04.2013 Release order from suspension, transfer and posting of Inspr. Sarangadhar Panigrahi of Baragarh District
418/Ministerial, Dt.12.04.2013 Retirement of Office Supdts
415/Ministerial, Dt.12.04.2013 Departure report of Sri Birupakshya Sahoo, Jr. Asst.
414/Ministerial, Dt.12.04.2013 Departure report of Smt. Jyotsnamayee Sial, Sr. Asst.
413/Ministerial, Dt.12.04.2013 Departure report of Sri J.K. Senapati, Sr. Asst.
410/Executive, Dt.12.04.2013 Repatriation of Sepoy-642 S.K. Das of OSAP 4th Bn. Rourkela from Steel and Mines Deptt.
405/Executive, Dt.11.04.2013 Extension of deputation period of Constables of different districts
401/Executive, Dt.11.04.2013 Release from suspension and transferred-posted of Sri Rama Krushna Mohanty, Reserve Inspector PTC, Angul
396/Technical, Dt.10.04.2013 Repatriation of Sepoy and Constables to SOG
395/Technical, Dt.10.04.2013 Dy. Subedars renamed as S.I. (Armed)
394/Technical, Dt.10.04.2013 Repatriation of Havs. from SOG
384/Technical, Dt.10.04.2013 Order to Officiate as ASI of Const. G.K. Sahoo of UPD Cuttack
379/Technical, Dt.09.04.2013 Retirement of Inspr Harekrushna Rout
378/Technical, Dt.09.04.2013 Release from suspension of Subedar T.K. Mallick of 1st IR Bn.
376/Executive, Dt.09.04.2013 Cancellation of deputation of Constable -964 J.K. Mohapatra of Rourkela Police Dist to SPHqrs.
375/Executive, Dt.09.04.2013 Repatriation of Hav, LNK, Constables of different dist from SOG
374/Executive, Dt.09.04.2013 Deputation of C-1014 Pravat Behera of OSAP 1st SS Bn. Sambalpur to Steel & Mines Deptt..
368/Executive, Dt.09.04.2013 Suspension of Sri Kishore Kumar Pradhan, R.I. of Police, GRP, Cuttack.
367/Executive, Dt.08.04.2013 Allowed to retire from Govt. service of Inspectors of Police
365/Executive, Dt.06.04.2013 Deputation of Constable P.K. Pradhan of Angul District
363/Technical, Dt.05.04.2013 Repatriation of C-36 A.K. Jena from SOG
333/Technical, Dt.25.03.2013 Extension of deputation period of S-660 Sarif Khan of OSAP 3rd Bn.
331/Welfare, Dt.22.03.2013 Award of DGP Disc
312/Ministerial, Dt.20.03.2013 Retirement of Ministerial
297/Force, Dt.19.03.2013 Diversion of posts of DSP and Inspr. to EOW
296/Ministerial, Dt.19.03.2013 Joining report of Sr. Asst.
288/Technical, Dt.16.03.2013 Deputation of C-350 Hirendra Ku. Gouda of 1st IRB to OSAP 7th Bn.
286/Executive, Dt.15.03.2013 Repatriation of LNK S.K. Mishra of Sundargarh District
285/Executive, Dt.15.03.2013 Deputation of Havildar S.K. Mishra of Sundergarh dist to BPSPA
280/Technical, Dt.14.03.2013 Retirement of Inspector (Operator-Mechanic)
278/Technical, Dt.12.03.2013 Deputation of S-482 S.N. Dash of OSAP 8th Bn. to PTI, Byree
276/Technical, Dt.12.03.2013 Repatriation of Hav. (Armed) Manas Sahoo from SOG to OSAP 2nd SS Bn.
275/Technical, Dt.12.03.2013 Appointment of ASI (Optr-Mechanic) in Signals Establishment
264/Executive, Dt.11.03.2013 Deputation of C-306 Kamalakanta Naik of Commissionerate (UPD, CTC) to Odisha Police Press
262/Executive, Dt.11.03.2013 Extension of deputation period of C-274 P.Ch. Behera
261/Executive, Dt.08.03.2013 Deputation of Sepoy Sanjay Kumar Parida of OSAP 7th Bn. Ministry of External Affairs, GoI, New Delhi
260/Executive, Dt.08.03.2013 Suspension of Sri S.N. Rath, IIC Enerty P.S. Cuttack UPD.
255/Technical, Dt.07.03.2013 Post diversion of Boat Man from PTC, Angul to Supdt. of Police, Sambalpur
254/Technical, Dt.07.03.2013 Retirement of Sri K.C. Panigrahi, Inspector, Finger Print of SCRB
251/Executive, Dt.07.03.2013 Allowed to retire from Govt. Service of Inspectors of Police
250/Executive, Dt.07.03.2013 Dismissed from Govt. Service of Inspector Smt. Sanjurani Meher of PTC, Angul
248/Technical, Dt.06.03.2013 Cancellation of absorption of S-1 S.K. Behera of OSAP 3rd SS Bn. as Asst. Driver to OSAP 6th Bn.
247/Force, Dt.06.03.2013 Extension of posts OP & TOP.
234/Executive,Dt.01.03.2013 Cancellation of deputation period of C-468 Prahalad Reddy
232/Executive, Dt.10.03.2013 Deputation of C-774 B.K.Pradhan and C-305 A.M. Nayak of UPD BBSR to OHRC
226/Board, Dt.27.02.2013 TTB Result of Building SIs to the rank of Building Inspectors
225/Technical, Dt.26.02.2013 Retirement of Sri G.N. Pattanaik, Inspector (Operator)
222/Technical, Dt.25.02.2013 Deputation of S-877 S.K. Mallick of OSAP 3rd Bn. to Pipe Band of OSAP 6th Bn.
221/Technical, Dt.25.02.2013 Retirement of Inspector (Operator)
210/Ministerial, Dt.23.02.2013 Joining report of Sr. Assts.-Jr.Assts. to respective section of S.P. Hdqrs.
209/Executive, Dt.22.02.2013 Deputation of Officers-Men to SPG, New Delhi
200/Executive, Dt.20.02.2013 Repatriation of C-661 S.Ch. Nath of Puri Dist. from State Forensic Science Laboratory, BBSR
199/Technical, Dt.19.02.2013 Sergeant, Dy. Sub & Drill S.I. is named as Sub Inspector of Police (Armed)
181/Executive, Dt.14.02.2013 Result of OASI 2002 Batch (Result withheld due to non submission of assessment report)
180/Executive, Dt.14.02.2013 Result of OASI 2002 Batch (Failed adopting malpractice)
179/Executive, Dt.14.02.2013 Result of OSAI 2002 Batch (Failed)
178/Executive, Dt.14.02.2013 Result of OASI 2002 Batch (Passed)
177/Ministerial, Dt.13.02.2013 Retirement of Sri Binod Ku. Singh, Supdt. Level-II.
171/Technical, Dt.12.02.2013 Extension of deputation period of Sepoys
170/Technical, Dt.12.02.2013 Repatriation of H.M. Laxmidhar Mallick from Security Wing, BBSR
169/Technical, Dt.12.02.2013 Repatriation of C-1014 Pravat Behera from SOG to OSAP 1st SS Bn., Sambalpur
167/Ministerial, Dt.11.02.2013 Joining report of Assistants of DGPO Cadre
165/Technical, Dt.08.02.2013 Attachment of Pipe Band Personnel of OSAP 6th Bn. to BPSPA, BBSR.
162/Technical, Dt.08.02.2013 Repatriation of Sepoys from SOG
161/Technical, Dt.08.02.2013 Extension of deputation period of S-662 Sk. Halimuddin of OSAP 8th Bn.
160/Executive, Dt.08.02.2013 Allowed to retire from Govt. service to Sri Jogendra Behera, Drill SI of Police, SPHdqrs.
159/Executive, Dt.08.02.2013 Allowed to retire from Govt. service of Inspector of Police.
144/Executive, Dt.06.02.2013 Deputation of F.O. Pramod Ku. Swain of OSAP 7th Bn.
140/Technical, Dt.05.02.2013 Repatriation of S-411 A.K. Mohanta from OSAP 2nd SS Bn.
139/Force, Dt.05.02.2013 Diversion of sanctioned posts of ‘Inspector Women and Child Cell HRPC.