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Rights of Children.

1.The Right to Education: Each & every Children have the right of education.

2.The Right to Expression: Every child has a right to express himself freely in which ever way he likes.

3.The Right to Information: Every child has a right to know his basic rights and his position in the society.

4.The Right to Nutrition.

5.The Right to Health & Care: Children should be fully vaccinated. Proper health check up & care should be taken to children.

6.The Right to protection from Abuse: Children should not be abused.

7.The Right to protection from Exploitation.

8.The Right to protection from Neglect: Every child has a right to lead a well protected and secure life away from neglect.

9.The right to Development: Every child has the right to development that lets the child explore her/his full potential.

10.The right to Recreation: Every child has a right to spend some time on recreational pursuits like sports, entertainment and hobbies to explore and develop.

11.The right to Survival: Every child have the right to survive.

12. The Juvenile in conflict with law should not detain/keep in Police Station or in Jail.

13. The Juvenile in conflict with law should be escorted by a police of civil dress (wearing of police uniform is prohibited).