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Police Motor Transport.



Name Rank Contact Details Photograph
Shri Rabinarayan Shi, OPS-I S.P. Police Motor Transport. 0671-2421377 (Office)
0671-2421277 (Fax)
0671-2421865 (Control Room)
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  • The Police Motor Transport Organisation is one of the Establishment of the Odisha Police, which was started in the year 1946.

  • This organization deals with Police vehicles of the whole state with its Hdqrs. at Cuttack.

  • The purpose of the Organisation is to undertake condemnation, auction and repair of the Police vehicles of the State and guide proper maintenance.

  • The state seniority from the rank of M.T.S.I. to Driver are being maintained at P.M.T. and the recruitment and appointment of Drivers and Helper Constable are being conducted at P.M.T. Establishment, Cuttack.

  • The administration and control of the Police Motor Transport has been vest with an officer in the rank of Superintendent of Police. He is functioning under general supervision and direct control of Director General of Police, Odisha, Cuttack assisted by the I.G. of Police, Communication, Odisha, Cuttack.

Branches of the P.M.T.

The Police Motor Transport have the following Branch Offices.

(1) P.M.T. Central Workshop, Cuttack (Headquarters).

(2) P.M.T. Zonal Workshop, Berhampur.

(3) P.M.T. Zonal Workshop, Sambalpur

(4) P.M.T. Regional Workshop, Koraput

(5) P.M.T. Regional Workshop, Rourkela

(6) P.M.T. Training Centre, Tulasipur, Cuttack

(7) Police I.T.I., Tulasipur, Cuttack

(8) There are also 18 Miniature Workshops functioning in different Dist. / Bns. since 1981. One Fitter Sub Inspector, One Electrical A.S.I. and One Helper Constable have been posted to look after the repair / Maintenance of the Police vehicle of the Districts / Battalions as noted below.

Disposition of Miniature Workshop.

1. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, Cuttack

2. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, UPD, Cuttack

3. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, Bhubaneswar

4. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, Puri

5. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, Dhenkanal

6. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, Keonjhar

7. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, Balasore

8. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, Mayurbhanj

9. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, Rourkela

10. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, Sundargarh

11. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, Bolangir

12. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, Kalahandi

13. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, Phulbani

14. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, Ganjam

15. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, OSAP 1st Bn., Dhenkanal

16. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, OSAP 2nd Bn., Jharsuguda

17. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, OSAP 6th Bn., Cuttack

18. P.M.T. Miniature Work Shop, OSAP 7th Bn., Bhubaneswar

P.M.T Training Centre, Tulasipur, Cuttack.

One Fitter Inspector is looking after the management of P.M.T. Training Centre, Tulsipur, Cuttack under the direct supervision of S.P. P.M.T.

The P.M.T. Training Centre was started functioning since the year 1975 vide G.O. No. 11/75. Dt. 14-11-1975.

The following Training Programmes are imparted to the Police Officers / men / drivers of Odisha Police in P.M.T. Training Centre, Tulsipur, Cuttack relating to maintenance, driving & upkeepment of motor vehicles.

  • Driving & Maintenance course for a period of 100 working days to the Drivers of Odisha Police.

  • Refresher course of training on Driving & Maintenance of 02 (Two) weeks to Constables / Sepoys having valid Driving License.

  • Driving & Maintenance training on Light Motor vehicles for a period of 30 working days to Helper Constables of P.M.T.

  • Training on Motor vehicles for a period of 10 (Ten) days to I.R. Bn. Constables having valid Driving License.

  • Driving & Maintenance course of training on Motor vehicles to Cadet Dy. S.P., Cadet Sergeant and Cadet Subedars.

Telephone Numbers.

Superintendent of Police, PMT., Odisha, Cuttack 0671-2421377
Control Room, P.M.T. Hdqrs. Cuttack. 0671-2421865
Inspector (Workshop), P.M.T. Cuttack. 0671-2427296
Inspector Training, P.M.T., Tulsipur, Cuttack. 0671-2301057
Inspector , P.M.T. Work Shop, Sambalpur 0663-2520557
Inspector P.M.T., Work Shop, Berhampur 0680-2404015
Inspector P.M.T, Work Shop, Rourkela 0661-2600571
Inspector P.M.T., Work Shop, Koraput 06852-250372

Field Map of P.M.T, Cuttack.