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Office Order/Notification Number Date Rank Subject
440/Pers-II Dt.04.07.2017 Inspector. Transfer & Posting of Inspector Sri Bhagaban Sahoo.
391/Pers-II Dt.24.06.2017 Assistant Armourer. Transfer & Posting of Assistant Armourer Narayan Panda.
Notification Dt.12.06.2017 Addl.S.P. Promotion & posting in the rank of Dy.S.P. to Addl.S.P. & transfer in the rank of existing Addl.S.P.
322/Pers-II. Dt.30.05.2017 Constable. Reposting of Recruit Constable of 3rd India Reserve Battalion, Jajpur.
299/Pers-I. Dt.18.05.2017 Constable. Transfer & Posting of C/433 Udayanath Behera to State Police Headquarters, Cuttack.
297/Pers-II. Dt.17.05.2017 Armourer Havildar. Transfer & Posting of Armourer Havildar Prasanta Kumar Pattanayak to UPD, Cuttack.
Notification. Dt.12.05.2017 Dy.Commdt. Promotion of OAPS Officers to the rank of Dy.Commdt. & Transfer.
Movement Order. Dt.29.04.2017 I.P.S. Deputation of Shri Prateek Mohanty,IPS to MHA,New Delhi.
Notification. Dt.29.04.2017 Inspector.,Dy.S.P.& Addl.S.P. Promotion & posting in the rank of Inspector to Dy.SP, Dy.SP to Addl.S.P. & transfer in the existing rank.
No.224/Pers-I. Dt.19.04.2017 Sub-Inspector. Partially Modification of Office Order No.219/Pers.I Dt.18.04.2017.
No.219/Pers-I. Dt.18.04.2017 Sub-Inspector. Transfer & Posting in the rank of Sub-Inspector of Police.
Movement Order. Dt.18.04.2017 IPS. Transfer & Posting in the rank of IPS.
No.1506-1512/OP Dt.18.04.2017 Dy.S.P. Transfer & Posting in the rank of Dy.S.P.
No.13573-13574/IPS. Dt.12.04.2017 IPS. Transfer & Posting in the rank of IPS.
No.208/Pers-I Dt.13.04.2017 Sub-Inspector. Deputation of Sub-Inspector to Steel and Mines Department.
No.203/Pers-I Dt.11.04.2017 Inspector. Transfer & Posting Inspector Biren Kumar Senapati.
No.187/Pers-II Dt.06.04.2017 Armourer Havildar. Transfer & Posting Armourer Havildar Bipin Bihari Nayak.
No.195/Pers-I Dt.07.04.2017 ASI/OASI. Transfer & Posting in the rank of ASI/OASI of Police.
No.181/Pers-I Dt.05.04.2017 Sub-Inspector. Transfer of Sub-Inspector Makunda Mohan Mohanty to State Police Hdqrs, Odisha,Cuttack.
No.152/Pers-II Dt.21.03.2017 Havildar Major. Cancellation of Office Order No.793/Tech. Dt.19.09.2015 relating to Transfer of Havildar Major, Naresh Kumar Rout.
No.99/Pers-II Dt.20.02.2017 Zonal Inspector. Transfer & Posting Sri Bhagaban Sahoo, Zonal Inspector to Signal Headquarters, Cuttack.
No.116-118/OP Dt.07.01.2017 Dy.S.P. Transfer & Posting in the rank of Dy.S.P.